The house

The Hochkeilhaus offers affordable accommodation for 150 guests.

In winter our team provides great catering for full board and half board. Ideal for school ski courses, class trips, club outings or simply for groups!

Easy to reach by bus and car, there are parking facilities and a bus stop right by the house.

In the summer, our fully equipped kitchen, refrigerated rooms and complete cookware are available for self-catering groups of 70 people or more.

Our house has four dining rooms, two large lounges, ski and boot rooms, a bouldering room for climbing and rooms in three wings:

  • The Blue Floor – modernly furnished with three four-bed rooms and two double rooms, all with shower and toilet.
  • The Orange floor – with its own entrance, ski and boot room. One double room, six four-bed rooms and one six-bed room have shower and toilet in each room.
  • The Violet Floor – functionally furnished. Two double rooms with shared shower and toilet. Seven four-bed rooms and one six-bed room – all with shower and toilet in the room.
  • The Green Floor – Two double rooms, two four-bed rooms and one six-bed room with its own shower and toilet. In addition, there are four six-bed rooms and one eight-bed room that share two large shower and toilet areas, one for ladies, one for men.