Our vision

“With us is am Schenstn!”

We offer our guests the environment to spend the most beautiful time of their year in our mountain world.

With hospitality, modern offers and real alpine coziness we are great hosts.

Our principles

  • Respect + Enable – “Mia san Familie”
    We make it possible to have a good time with us! We value our guests, employees, partners and our environment as much as our family and friends.
  • Nature and mountains – “Mia schaun auf unsa Natur” (We look at our nature)
    We respect our nature and mountain world and put their beauty tolerably in the foreground of our offers.
  • Quality and price – “The bottom line has to fit”.
    We focus on quality. In doing so, we use our resources thoughtfully and sparingly, and our work has value.
  • Solution-oriented and courageous – “When it pinches, krozma”.
    As a team, we tackle challenges courageously. We recognize problems, take them seriously and focus on solutions.
  • Regional and honest – “Griaß Di” (Greetings)
    We think internationally, do business regionally and communicate Austrian.