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The High King

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The mountain tour to Franz-Eduard-Matrashaus at 2,943 m, is the top tour in the Hochkönig region. Hike through the former hunting grounds of Emperor Franz Joseph, past impressive rocky landscapes, the climbing paradise Torsäule, across the glacier plateau of the “Übergossenen Alm” and enjoy the magnificent panorama at the summit of the Hochkönig.

In 1826, theology professor Peter Carl Thurnwieser succeeds in making the first verifiable ascent of the Hochkönig. At that time, mountains were avoided, they were considered the seat of enchanted souls and witches.

At that time he climbed from the Arthurhaus via the normal route to the summit. This path is the easiest Hochkönig climb. With a good condition, surefootedness and a head for heights you are well equipped. The last meters up to the summit are well secured with a ladder and easy to pass. A head for heights is necessary, as the place is somewhat exposed. Take special care in wet and snowy conditions.

Through the ups and downs of the trail, you’ll cover about 1,700 m of elevation on the 10 km long climb. Walking time at a comfortable pace without breaks is about 5 – 6 h. Take more time and plan generously, Mother Nature has many beauties in store.
A wide path leads at the foot of the Mandlwände past lush alpine meadows to the Mitterfeldalm. From there it goes on a nice climb first flat past the back side of the Mandlwände.

The path now leads increasingly steeper to the lower Ochsenriedel. Numerous alpine plants grow along the path: blue gentian, cabbage rosemary, alpine bush, Panonian gentian, saxifrage, to name just a few.

Continue past the mighty south face of the Torsäule, a highly enjoyable climbing area on the Hochkönig. At the Kniebeißer, where the legs may well bite a little, the trail now leads more steeply uphill, through bizarre rocky landscapes to the edge of the glacier plateau.

From there you can already see the Matrashaus. But appearances are deceptive. Through the ups and downs of the path, it takes another 1.5 hours until you actually reach the Matrashaus via the glacier of the “Übergossenen Alm”. The summit of the Hochkönig and the summit of your feelings.

If you listen carefully, you can still hear the murmurs and lamentations of the sacrilegious alpine dairymen buried under the eternal ice. Still briefly over the well-secured summit structure and you stand at the summit of the Hochkönig at 2,943 m.

The Matrashaus on the Hochkönig: 2,943 m

After the fire in 1985, the new hut of the Austrian Tourist Club was opened. It offers a total of 99 camps and 12 room camps. Roman Kurz the sympathetic innkeeper and enthusiastic mountaineer from Berchtesgaden, conjures up many delicacies even at almost 3000 m. The refuge is quickly booked up on summer weekends, it is advisable to book in good time.

You can always reach someone at +43 64677566.