Nature experience at the Hochkeil – at the mountain dahoam

The leisure park Hochkeil offers many innovative offers for the whole family in the middle of our mountain world.

In order to keep it beautiful in our small, fine natural snow area, we try to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible.

All our slopes are prepared with 100% natural snow. Of course, our beautiful geographic location plays into our cards. The impressive Mandlwand serves as a weather divide and provides ample fresh snow throughout the winter. Our records, which have recorded every centimeter of snow that has fallen since 1901, confirm the certainty of snow on the Hochkeil.

But the best thing about our natural snow is the pleasure of skiing at an unbeatable price! Try it and you will feel the difference in skiing comfort on natural snow. The natural snow kickers and landings in the LIVINGROOM Snowpark are also looking for their equal.

The pure water from the Hochkönig, which by the way is a very high-quality water and excellent information carrier, serves us as drinking water and for the operation of our hydroelectric power plant instead of for artificial snow production. This nature-friendly power plant supplies enough energy throughout the year to power the surface lifts on the Hochkeil, which clearly consume much less energy than large gondola lifts.

But we also try to be environmentally friendly off the slopes. In the Berghotel Arthurhaus*** and in the Jugendgästehaus Hochkeilhaus we use regional products. The bread comes from the local baker Bauer and milk and eggs from the farms here on the sunny side of Mühlbach. In the alpine dairy Schweizerhütte our alpine dairyman still makes the alpine cheese personally.

In the Hochkeilhaus, a photovoltaic system provides clean electricity and the heating runs on wood pellets from Salzburger Land, while in the Arthurhaus a sophisticated heat recovery system reduces energy consumption.

Our leisure activities around the Hochkeil are always checked for their environmental compatibility before they are implemented. The ski touring trail uses existing paths and trails and respects the resting zones of the wildlife. The route of the snowshoe trail was chosen just as carefully.

To make the many bus connections possible, such as the free ski bus in winter, we pay large sums and try to optimize the schedules of all public transport together with the Hochkönig Bergbahnen, the Mühlbach Tourist Association and the region. For example, if you take the bus from Bischofshofen to the Arthurhaus, you can also simply ski down to Bischofshofen after the ski day via the prepared Knappensteig ski route.